Monday, 2 March 2009

Friends will be friends - Fundraiser

One of the most important assets you can have in life is friends. They can't be bought, or sold, but i presume that you could get a pretty nice price for a really good one.

And it's friends you help when they're in need because you know that whatever happens, they'll have your back for better or worse.

I presume it's my time to try and help a friend and, since there's not much i can do, i'm writing this.

My friend, Andreea, is one of only a handful of people i know who have the strength and determination to do what she did throughout the years. She owns a highly visited blog where she writes quite frequently, which has received a number of awards. The texts there have created the basis for two theater plays which have been on for a while now and have also been awarded important prizes in Austria.

Her life depends on a specialized electric wheelchair which she doesn't have anymore. A new one is priced around 5000 euros and it's quite hard to get the money. Friends have helped as much as they could but at this point there is still need for 500 more euros.

For this she's organized a sale, where friends have put up stuff like earrings, vases, blouses and frames, for people to purchase in order to raise money. I offered to put up two of my prints as well, for not very much money - but in the hope that they'll help. All of the stuff is CRAFTED AND PAINTED BY HAND (well save for my images) and is up for sale for very very little money. They're excellent gifts for anyone and their prices are a whole lot less than what you would pay in a normal shop for a consumer item - plus that all of them are unique. So what i would say is go to

Check out the pictures and see if there's anything you like. If so (even if it's in another language) drop a line at and ask them to calculate the price in pounds for you. YOU'LL BE SURPRISED!

Give it a shot. It won't hurt and it will actually help someone and make you feel a whole lot better about yourself.