Thursday, 5 March 2009

Art Classes DIY

I walked 15 miles yesterday (half by choice) and had lots of time to think. Sometimes it just feels quite good to be alone. Have a shitty camera and shoot with it, because real artists don't care about their equipment - yeah, real artists also die from overdose or kill themselves, or both - please go ahead and be a real artist. Start today.

What we learned this week:

1) Pictures of yourself in a gallery are cool. They help the person who sees your pictures link up with your experience (no thanks. please fuck off and just don't look at my pictures. I refuse to use the timer to take pictures of myself. end of story)

2) Trash is cool. pictures of trash create identity. People link to that. Look, we use the same laxative. I can relate to that - i might like his pictures. (Imbecile!)

3) Subtle is not always good. Subtle is good because it sounds intelligent when you say it. Not when you do it ( subtle in pictures is bad because most idiots won't fucking get it )

4) art can be made with compact cameras. They are nice and very very good. People don't notice you ( I hate compact cameras. And people who take shitty pictures with them and after that hang them at the Tate Modern. Only an idiot could write a book about 20 unsharp pixelated pictures done with a phone )

4) The verbal diarrhea that you produce is always more important than others ( for me it's a rule - because you're still reading this )

But i suppose the path less traveled and not taking the free ride in your own life kinda make better topics of discussion. Dead chickens and pictures of your feet just don't cut it.