Friday, 27 March 2009

Tea give you cancer. I'm screwed.

I get online and this is the latest update on yahoo news:

"Researchers found drinking tea with a temperature above 70C inceased the risk of oesophageal cancer eight-fold.

But if you let your cuppa cool for five minutes it should be safe to drink, experts have said.

The cancer warning was issued after a study in Northern Iran where tea is often drunk piping hot."

Take a minute there to grasp the full imbecility of this string of letters. "s-a-f-e t-o d-r-i-n-k". Are they talking about tea? IT IS SAFE TO DRINK! I've done it thousands of times. If you would be talking about drinking mercury or sulphuric acid ... then you can put the words "should be safe to drink" in the sentence. Maybe if you'd drink it, you'd die and spare us your idiocy.

There is a new reason to stay at home, covered in your blanket and shake like a Chihuahua. There's a new factor that will increase the risk of you dying. Is this the world we live in? Are these idiots actually thinking before creating this kind of studies and spoon feeding everyone the crap in their head?

Why, i ask you people, is humanity so hell-bent on planting fear into everyone? I drink 3-4 cups of tea a day. And by the expressions on some of your faces while you are reading this, i can easily deduce that some of you are waaaaay more screwed than me.

Fear is fun. If you do it well it can be an excellent past time activity. But for fuck's sake do it properly. Don't tell people that hot tea causes cancer! It's like you morons think that we fell asleep on a nuclear reactor for 20 years and our brains have melted. And we are now nothing more than pieces of meat with eyes.