Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Roxy - Broadstairs shoot

Here's one of the models i shot Saturday, and played around in Photoshop for a bit. Nothing too aggressive. The happiness of having some good pictures coincided with the sadness of having 1x8 GB card fuck up on a permanent basis (doesn't format, doesn't open, doesn't do nothing - note to self never trust technology) and two letters with the bills.

Apparently everyone received the bills in this period so there was quite a bit of moaning from various people in the uni. Which made me feel quite good about not being the only financially illiterate idiot who didn't quite have the money for bills and stuff.

Today we also officially start the Camera Obscura project (my displeasing financial state comes from printing the Paris exhibition series A2 size, buying 4x5 color films from stores - because 7dayshop are all out and paying for trips to shoot for projects. FOOD has become a luxury until further notice)

So i was out with the Ds Mark 2 (thanks again Ionut) and here's a small bit of what i did. More to come, i think.