Friday, 6 March 2009

A new age dawns

After a long waiting period I finally got most of the items I needed. The camera obscura project is well on its way now. I am shooting the Wista most likely and have constructed a combination of thin lenses to try and sharpen the images on the wall. This morning I did a test with it where I exposed for about three hours, which came out quite under exposed. I scanned it in Flexcolor and modified what was there to be modified and got a decent image.

The sharpness is really amazing. Now I just hope I will manage to get everything sorted out in time and have good images before the B:fest Arts Festival at the end of May. I will. I guess. I shot it on ISO 100 black and white sheet film at F16 more or less and with 190 minutes exposure. As it turns out it's quite under exposed and thus I would need to have a 6 or even twelve-hour exposure to get it right.

(100% blow up. The color ones will be mind blowing :) )

I am insisting on the closed aperture as I would like to have all of the items in the room in focus and not just the wall. I am still working on it and will have a little bit of a head ache because I am not quite sure that black and white and color films behave in the same fashion at long exposure (i.e.: lose their sensitivity with the increasing of the exposure time) or if there is any way I can manage to get out of the room. I am considering having a pin-up curtain to get out of the rooms I photograph - and not be trapped there for hours and hours.

Regardless of it, the exposure times are going to be horrific and I will need to find people who don't need their room for the whole day. Volunteers?

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