Friday, 28 November 2008



Thursday, 27 November 2008

Camera Obscura 2

And yes, the pleasure of exploring photographic medium has extended into the comfort of other people. Or more likely into the disturbance (not sure if it's an actual word but after 3 hours of sleep it looks like a word. if you don't like it go fuck yourself) of other people's personal...feelings. My first victim was my friend Denisa, who's room was transformed into a camera obscura as part of my project

It was wonderful. Not messy and full of duck tape like mine, but mornings without sun really messed her up. I take this opportunity to apologise to Denisa for wrecking her day and inducing a state of hibernation through lack of light.

And i need six more rooms. i am coming for YOU. Yeah you. Don't look behind and check if there's anyone. I will fill your windows with duck tape and use you for my project. Now go into a corner and shake like a chiuaua.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Africa 23 Days

And so it begins. The final pain of work has been put aside, at least for now. The 2300 words essay on voyeurism has been drafted and sent to the tutors, which leaves me now with only a few items on my check list. one of the most interesting but also boring things i have done, as a test of patience and because of sheer boredom, was text the whole essay on my phone, which by the way is some sort of Sony Ericsson, not the all new Iphone, which took approximatively 2 hours and a grand todal of 13,562 pushes of the buttons (mistakes weren't counted). That, my friends, is the effect of lack of alcohol, an overactive imagination and probably a new world record.

It's clear sailing all the way from here to January i suppose. Shooting Wednesday, Nan Goldin tutorial Thrusday, research and shootings next week... Come to think about it maybe not so clear. Maybe slightly foggy.

At this point in time i am concentrating all my energy, appart from the one required to read Vice, towards constructing camera obscuras in friend's rooms and intruding in their lives and making them hell for one or two days with the Horseman. Cute plan, useful.

In other news, studies have showed that the rate of sanity in our family has decreased drastically since the aqusition, almost 10 years ago, of the first off road pseudotruck. Which leads us, years, competitions and broken body-parts later to this very day where we are faced with time.

Time until the departing for Africa in the Defender 110 in a small expedition convoy. Fun it should be. Yes and no. My room is about to be quite filled up with anything from Landy magazines (of which the December 2008 issue of Land Rover Monthly presents the winning Open Class team of Transilvania Adventure Trophy 2008, which includes me in the Defender 90 - Mercedes G320 - without - left - front - side combination)to sand boards and prop shafts. More to come as we unveil this wonderful expedition. Publication of the events taking place there will be available in the form of articles in Land Rover Monthly, a number of romanian newspapers, some british ones, this forum and probably National Geographic Traveller as well. Subject to availabillity and terms of the contract :))

That should be about it for the day, nothing more to write, at least now. Will get back to you with details as we watch and participate at the unfolding of the events.

Thursday, 20 November 2008


A simple day out today, with a role of film and no light meter. This is what came out.

Good joke of the day

An infinite number of mathematicians walk into a bar. The first one orders a beer. The second orders half a beer. The third, a quarter of a beer. The bartender says "You're all idiots", and pours two beers.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

The Exhibition

So yes. Now it's on. Sorry for not writing. Had to deal with at least three idiots in building the exhibition. All in all it was quite pretty at the end. Big bunch for the private view... not as quiet and relaxing as i would have hoped for but alright. People appreciated work, didn't understand concepts and generally put the same 2 or 3 questions that every single person before them did. Not alot of creativity there.

More images coming soon. I just can't be bothered right now.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Here comes my baby

In the midnight moonlight i'll, be walkin a long and lonely mile.
And every time I do, I keep seein this picture of you.

Here comes my baby, here she comes now,
And it can come as no surprise to me, with another guy.
Here comes my baby, here she comes now,
Walking with a love, with a love that's all so fine,
Never could be mine, no matter how I try.

You never walk alone, and you're forever talkin on the phone.
I've tried to call you names, but every time it comes out the same.

Here comes my baby, here she comes now,
And it can come as no surprise to me, with another guy.
Here comes my baby, here she comes now,
Walking with a love, with a love that's all so fine,
Never could be mine, no matter how I try.

I'm still waitin for your heart, cause I'm sure that some day it's gonna start.
You'll be mine to hold each day, but 'till then, this is all that I can say.

Here comes my baby, here she comes now,
And it can come as no surprise to me, with another guy.
Here comes my baby, here she comes now,
Walking with a love, with a love that's all so fine,
Never could be mine, no matter how I try.

Obama - Tesco Value Happiness

It's a fad i guess. Everyone is writing about the win of president Obama. All america is surprised and happy that he got elected. Why surprised?? You voted him, dumb-asses! Like a friend pointed out tonight: "I'm not a racist, but a black man is in charge of the white house". It's just hilarious that the continent of stupidity has spawned another good one. Perhaps this president, who is a family man, supports the black community, and has even got the rednecks voting for him, can truly make a change. The change would be to take your tanks home and leave the oil with the people who own it, teach the three quarters of your lobotomized nation to read, write and be polite( also explaining that being illiterate is not cool, and for this reason alone America is not number one, fiercely racing for 140th position with Uzbekistan, Congo and some other obscure contries that only the red cross visits )... and what was my third wish now... oh yeah... put the nation on an intensive aerobics class. Make the fat bastards run. An then i might personally consider that the country is not simply a territory filled with brainless pieces of meat with eyes.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Last hundred meters

The website has been put up

It's only days until the private view of the exhibition, and the feeling that we still have at least two incompetents exhibiting is still present. Slightly worrying, as this is to be a positive event for everyone. For those of you who got involved: "good job". For those of you who didn't: "Fuck you".