Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Obama - Tesco Value Happiness

It's a fad i guess. Everyone is writing about the win of president Obama. All america is surprised and happy that he got elected. Why surprised?? You voted him, dumb-asses! Like a friend pointed out tonight: "I'm not a racist, but a black man is in charge of the white house". It's just hilarious that the continent of stupidity has spawned another good one. Perhaps this president, who is a family man, supports the black community, and has even got the rednecks voting for him, can truly make a change. The change would be to take your tanks home and leave the oil with the people who own it, teach the three quarters of your lobotomized nation to read, write and be polite( also explaining that being illiterate is not cool, and for this reason alone America is not number one, fiercely racing for 140th position with Uzbekistan, Congo and some other obscure contries that only the red cross visits )... and what was my third wish now... oh yeah... put the nation on an intensive aerobics class. Make the fat bastards run. An then i might personally consider that the country is not simply a territory filled with brainless pieces of meat with eyes.