Friday, 16 September 2011

Working on a dream

I always felt quite close to films. Somehow, coming to the realization that Anton Corbjin managed to pull both out of the hat, meant i could too. True story.

Now, my first fun assignment had to do with Land Rovers. I couldn't have picked it any better.

We had a 5D Mk2, follow focus rig, dolly and tracks, and a bunch of lenses to go with them. 2 Arri lights, not used that much, and a whole lot of questions i had no answer to. So, armed with all this shit, i proceeded to put on a brave face and go shoot my first presentation film.

These days i'm making real good friends with Final Cut Pro and it's features, trying to get the best of what i shot. Will try to remember all the things i shouldn't do, should do better and so on.

'Till then, here's a couple of film stills.

Alina Manole

Album cover i shot a few weeks ago.