Thursday, 14 February 2008

Valentine's Day

Having dunk like a Hummer the night before, i get woken up at 7 o'clock by this strange text from a number i don't recognize: "Happy Valentine's Day. May all your wishes come true and may you have a good day". Well i wish you would die, which you probably didn't. Second off: "have a nice day". Maybe i don't fucking want to. maybe i had so many good days i just want a crappy day to come along. do you have a problem with that piglet? Ok ok... none the less a charming and romantic atmosphere in town, everybody having roses or heart-shaped balloons bought for somebody they're not even going to shag that night. Knob heads! And consider this interesting fact. Today some thousands of the most imbecile kinds in the world are going to be conceived. How awkward is that. All in all you don't really need a holiday to give a present to someone you care about. It's an american tradition and well... like everything that comes from america, save cars perhaps... is shit.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Day 20 of the New World Order

today i came to realize that the level of culture of a nation is measured by the quality of the art or inscriptions in the public toilets. Hmmm... judging by your reactions, some of your countries are FUCKED!


Sunday, 10 February 2008

On songs

"you're out of sight but always on my mind..." and so on and so forth. Have had a full night yesterday, or better yet today. The actions were of little consequence mainly but the fact that i had my mp3 player tipped the scale a good deal. Somehow Whitesnake, Disturbed, Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams changed and played with my moods as they pleased.
"this time everything is all right, this time everything is easy" and so it seems it would be for a couple of minutes. Do you remember us in the living room watching the Whitesnake concert? Do you remember singing Bon Jovi - All about loving you? Do you guys remember playing Summer of 69 on the way to the sea side or 99 in the shade in the forests? Do you remember Metallica - I dissapear while snowboarding down slopes? It was there, they were there as were we. Times change, people change, burn the bridges but don't forget the songs. the sort of remind you of somethings that used to be, or push you towards something you want to be. Remember the good old days when songs meant something..."This is how you remind me" - Nickleback.

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Good song of the day

I love the blues,they tell my story,
If you don't feel it you can never understand.
So many times I thought about it
And now I know just what it means to be a man.
Everyday I realize you can see it in my eyes
I never wait, or hesitate.'Cos I love the life I live,
I'm gonna live the life I choose,
You gotta understand I'm walking in the
shadow of the blues.
All of my life I've had a shady reputation,
I've been the black sheep of the family all along.
I never know if in my heart I'm really guilty
But, I've been accused of never knowing right from wrong.
Everyday I realize you can see it in my eyes
I never wait, or hesitate.'Cos I love the life I live,
I'm gonna live the life I choose,
You gotta understand I'm walking in the shadow of the blues.
My father said you're crazy,
He said what you gonna do?
I left with my guitar and said I'll leave it up to you.
I'm gonna live the life I love
And live the life I choose,
And I'm walking in the shadow of the blues.

Everyday of my life.

I love the blues, they tell my story,
If you don't feel it I will tell you once again.
All of my life I've been caught up in a crossfire,
'Cos I've been branded with the devil mark of cain.
Everyday I realize you can see it in my eyes
I never wait, or hesitate. 'Cos I love the life I live,
I'm gonna live the life I choose,
You gotta understand ...
I'm walking in the
shadow of the blues.

Thursday, 7 February 2008

On relationships

Awkwardly enough everybody wants a girlfriend/boyfriend. Why? Yeah yeah i know your line... because you fall in love. Right... That's a fine excuse but what about the times when you end up changing moods without apparent reasons just because she/he doesn't want to meet up with you today? It's a noble act, trying to make somebody happy with the sacrifice of your own happiness. My opinion? Fuck nobility :). What about your friends? Take a look at the seemingly unimportant reactions you get from your friends. They should matter, taking into account that the warning has come in due time, at least from one side. On the other hand it is of notable importance to walk around with a hot broad at your side, but not to be stupid enough to get affected by everything that happens. How about that huh? want to try and see what happens? There's still a party tonight if you care to join. Don't bring your girlfriend but do come along. you'll see it'll be alright. you're amongst friends.

To M.C.D.

Monday, 4 February 2008

On the greatest democracy in the world.

Yes.. we gave americans a some rope, a lot of rope... and they hung all of us with it.

I was just checking my mail when this news popped up. i scanned the thext but to my surprise.. i was not surprised. Somehow this event has happened so may times in a row in america that it is not surprising, it's fucking statistics and that's that. Only in america can a 15-year old prick who lived in a playstation all his pitiful life can get the idea that it's ok to shoot your family. Please remind me why was the death penalty excluded? These kind of kids should be put to sleep... with AIDS. Why? Why not? Only in america people dress like clowns, kidnap and rape children then either bury them or cook hem. Strange? I would be inclined to believe so. So why is anybody surprised that every now and again when a gun is found, somebody has to be shot, and by somebody i am likely to be right by considering at least one dozen people. It's a full clip what the fuck... and meanwhile, there's elections. Please somebody, ask the candidates what would they do regarding the mentally retarded boy and how would they feel. they fuck the country up, they should know how to un-fuck it back...