Thursday, 7 February 2008

On relationships

Awkwardly enough everybody wants a girlfriend/boyfriend. Why? Yeah yeah i know your line... because you fall in love. Right... That's a fine excuse but what about the times when you end up changing moods without apparent reasons just because she/he doesn't want to meet up with you today? It's a noble act, trying to make somebody happy with the sacrifice of your own happiness. My opinion? Fuck nobility :). What about your friends? Take a look at the seemingly unimportant reactions you get from your friends. They should matter, taking into account that the warning has come in due time, at least from one side. On the other hand it is of notable importance to walk around with a hot broad at your side, but not to be stupid enough to get affected by everything that happens. How about that huh? want to try and see what happens? There's still a party tonight if you care to join. Don't bring your girlfriend but do come along. you'll see it'll be alright. you're amongst friends.

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