Thursday, 28 May 2009

Camera Obscura Documentary - with me

Here's a short piece of documentary done by some friends of mine Diana Sitaru and Peter Takac for their project. It was quite fun to shoot it, since the atmosphere was so relaxed and everyone felt quite ok with being themselves. Overall, good times.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Land Rover Advertising Campaign

I was browsing for a Land Rover image this morning. Not that we didn't have millions of them already on the hard drives. I was looking for one to screen print on a t shirt for my dad.

Somewhere in the underbelly of the internet, i found a Land Rover campaign which left me quite speechless.

It's just fresh, brilliant and simple - also, a fine display of photoshop skills.

Done by a guy called Garry Simpson.


Sunday, 24 May 2009

The end

Officially summer has begun. Left Rochester and am heading out into the world. Like any summer, i have thousands of plans waiting to come to life, of which only a few will pass the stage of ideas.

Need to:

- build my website
- buy a lens
- buy a new macbook pro
- write about my camera obscura concepts
- build and shoot more camera obscuras
- build photobooth (long story)
- shoot more ruins
- start shooting the project with my friend Bogdan
- do something to earn more money (would be nice)

We'll reconvene in autumn to see how many of these have been done.

Good day.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Paris Times

These are some tourist pictures i took on my trip to Paris. Dark halways and that are part of the Paris Sewer System which yes, we visited and yes, it's one of the best places in Pairs yet. The rest of the buildings i think you will find that you have seen before. Sit back, scroll down and enjoy. These all have been possible with the kindness and patience of Ms. Amalia Niculescu, which is a recurring appearance in the images. And no, none of the pictures are HDRs!

Cherie and Nicholas

This one is most definitely for Filip

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Chlamydiart Exhibition - Private View

As promised, here are some of the shots from the private view of some of my friends' exhibition. It was an interesting evening, seeing old friends, old teachers and remembering last year's university adventures. Wothout further delays, here they are:


Nelda Karklina
Milda He
Giannis Drakos
Kieran Hilton
Ryan Poxon

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Statistics are fun

Oh this is going to annoy some people for sure

as you have probably noticed by now, when i have nothing to write, i just stick some random junk i found. Yes. I can complain about prints and shitty IPF 5000s at the uni but who give a toss about me or my complaints?

I'll stick up here the pics from Nelda's private view one of these days so you can see what went on and will probably write a bit as well.

Special note for Ms. J. Hewson: God does not exist sweetie. Mummy and daddy made him up to distract you from the fact that you're an accident waiting to happen. Best of luck :)

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Final images

Work in progress for my final project. The idea was initially to discover the ruins of the forts, but in time changed towards creating a magical scenery out of just one of the buildings, the monastery. So here are the potential final pieces. If it's not too much trouble, leave your comment and express your opinion.

New and improved

As it tuns out, i managed to find a bit of time to scan and edit the images from the three camera obscuras i did home. Promised myself i wouldn't get excited over nothing but as it turns out, one of them has been selected as finalists for the Signature Awards (even though i bitched about their approach to the competition last year - bitching which is proudly displayed under my image as "description").

In the tree picture, i discovered how the lenses affect the depth of field, which is also an important bit of the whole process, which i will play with. Sadly, in order to get everything as i want it, i will have to order more lenses, bot classical ones and multi focal lenses, after some calculations which i am currently roasting in my head.

So, without further prolonging, here they are:

Friday, 8 May 2009

Things we miss

Going too fast on the hair pin roads, up the mountain. 110 station wagon in a drift. Nelda gripping the cushion of my seat. Rock. Wheels jumping off the ground. Shift 3rd and pedal down. We're up. Nice view... Should just go home just about now

La Cellule de Crise - Paris Exhibition

our curator, exhausted, sleeps in the metro, on the way to La Generale en Manufacture.