Sunday, 31 January 2010

The Rock Band

I missed a good shooting, especially with a music band. So this weekend we had a full day of shooting in Oxford. The music studio, which turned out to be a horrifyingly small photography studio for an aspiring glam photographer (and when i say glam, there's nothing of Richardsonian influence there. There was just a playboy-photographer-wannabe with a Nikon D40 and 3 flashes)

The guys on the other hand were great fun and we worked quite well. Sadly, i will have to composite a lot of the work since group shots involving more than 2 people were impossible. I missed seeing so many good guitars, chat about music and shoot with Bruce Springsteen providing the music for the session. Here's a first test shot of the day. More shall come.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Shotgun blowjobs, deadlines and art

I've always imagined laying hidden in a bunker after a nuclear bomb has blasted the crap out of everything on this planet. And years after the explosion, i would open the door and smell the fresh air. This is how i feel today. Liberated from the chains of the final paper.

After being one sad song away from deepthroating the barrel of a shotgun for a bit under a month, things are starting to pick up. I've got a shooting lined up, I'm getting to start my printing process and it feels like there's reason to leave my burrow and get out in the world. Not everything is peachy, win some lose some. But for now, we've won a battle. Let's enjoy it like Napoleon. Because just like him, we don't know shit about what's coming.

In other news, i found a guy who does the kind of things that i dream, or somewhat. It's a bit strange and uncomfortable to see the deranged stuff you dream floating on your screen. Kind of makes you want to ... do nothing and stare for hours. Checked. Here's some of his stuff. I'm not a sculptor, but i can say that his stuff is at least worth watching, if not even buying - if i was ridiculously rich. Rankin style rich. He really is something because i think we can all agree I'm not that big on complimenting people.

Kris Kuksi, ladies and gentlemen:

Sunday, 24 January 2010

What's next

In case anyone, for any reason, wondered what I'll be doing after i finish university, here it is. I'll be there. Counting rocks and figuring out what's next. This is the West Coast of Morocco, on a cliff just off Plage Blanche.

The picture was taken from this guy:

Who's been travelling around since 2004. I found him while browsing around for a background picture of a certain Defender model, the 3 axle one, which the guy owns and explores Africa with.

While being distracted from procrastinating by the sudden need to have a new desktop picture, i started reading his site. Turns out he travelled to Romania, documented it pretty well and also wrote the names of the cities in both English (Romanian for the ones that don't need translating) and the old names like Sibiu/Hermannstadt. You can find it here. It's a pretty good read considering he drove from the Danube to the Hungarian border.


Barcelona Ad agency Photoshopper explaining how it all goes.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Friday, 22 January 2010

Alter is the new Post

A new modernity is emerging, reconfigured to an age of globalization – understood in its economic, political and cultural aspects.

Increased communication, travel and migration are affecting the way we live

Our daily lives consist of journeys in a chaotic and teeming universe

Multiculturalism and identity is being overtaken by creolisation: Artists are now starting from a globalized state of culture

This new universalism is based on translations, subtitling and generalized dubbing

Today's art explores the bonds that text and image, time and space, weave between themselves

Artists are responding to a new globalized perception. They traverse a cultural landscape saturated with signs and create new pathways between multiple formats of expression and communication.

This is Altermodernism.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Two generations

These are some of the test shots for my final work. The finals will be very different, however this run was quite important. These are, again, just tests.

The Birds

This is a message in a bottle saying:

"I am fine. Until the 29th, my room will be the only thing i will see. And two recovery days after that - same goes for people."

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The Twisted Project

No time. Here's what i'm doing, but more than one face. On canvas. Bye. Stop.