Sunday, 24 January 2010

What's next

In case anyone, for any reason, wondered what I'll be doing after i finish university, here it is. I'll be there. Counting rocks and figuring out what's next. This is the West Coast of Morocco, on a cliff just off Plage Blanche.

The picture was taken from this guy:

Who's been travelling around since 2004. I found him while browsing around for a background picture of a certain Defender model, the 3 axle one, which the guy owns and explores Africa with.

While being distracted from procrastinating by the sudden need to have a new desktop picture, i started reading his site. Turns out he travelled to Romania, documented it pretty well and also wrote the names of the cities in both English (Romanian for the ones that don't need translating) and the old names like Sibiu/Hermannstadt. You can find it here. It's a pretty good read considering he drove from the Danube to the Hungarian border.