Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Here's the video from the Easter Danube trip. Sorry, it's in Romanian, but the images still work :)

Another Easter

This year, the Easter period was stranger than usual. Somewhat interesting, but strange none the less.

We took 24 tons of food and gifts to one of the most secluded parts of the country, the tip of the Danube Delta.

People and places were indeed outer-worldly.

We spent Easter with friends at the countryside. Drinks, midnight shootings, morning omelets.

I should probably write more but really i couldn't find the time or state of mind to put down my thoughts. I shall thought. Quite soon. I haven't bragged about anything in a long while. It just don't feel write for this much time to pass ...

Oh yeah. Because a shit idea never goes unsupported :)

Friday, 8 April 2011