Thursday, 31 January 2008


Perhaps one of the most interesting things i did these days was to go to some galleries in London. As assignment i was to observe and review two galleries of my choice and publish the results. My first impulse was to see Louise Bourgeois but her exhibition had been over with for a little while so instead i saw Munoz at the Tate Modern as well as Photographic Portrait Prize 2007 at the National Portrait Gallery. Interesting enough i noticed something peculiar about the people watching the works of art. Without realizing, people would try to imitate the work of art while admiring or analyzing it. It seemed to be more obvious in Tate, Munoz's exhibition having been based on sculpture. since sculpture is 3D, and one can observe and analyze it from various angles, the feeling one gets from admiring it turns into a body posture that more often than not is a replica at a random scale of the artwork. The Portrait Gallery, even if as interesting as ever, failed to carve such deep reactions on the viewer. None the less, the observation gave me quite a lot of thoughts as to whether 3D art (i.e. sculpture, various installations) affects the artistic side of a person faster, or perhaps more intense than 2D works of art (i.e. painting, photography, etc) and if so... is photography a part of the lesser impressive ones?

Monday, 28 January 2008

On consumerism

It is of little importance where in the world you are. Notice people around you staring at the window panes of the shops looking for something to buy. Tons and tons of commercials advising you to buy this or that. Buy it for fucking what? To quote a classic voice "the malls are a bunch of pricks buying shit they don't need with moeny they don't have". Look in your own house... didn't you buy something this month just because it was on sale?

Sunday, 27 January 2008

A deeper, more introspective view on...Sunday

As a dull Sunday morning announces itself at the doorstep, the people in the flat feel like whipping their willies out and taking a piss on the day. Surprised? it's not rain babes, it's us :)

Hemingway and Twain kept me up until 6 o'clock, nothing new under the sun since Seb's stalker did in the previous night. Surprised? so am i :)

With Whitesnake in my head, a cigarette and a sip of whiskey i welcome one of the shittiest days of the week. no party, no money, on mood. my laziness has spoke it's last words as i convince myself to get the fuck out of bed. 300? Leonidas can take his Moleskine out and take notes regarding my fearsome fight with a cruel and tempting laziness.

A deeper view of Sunday finds me broke, lazy and in the mood to skull-fuck anybody who dares interrupt me from doing nothing. Change of song: "Whitesnake - Walking in the shadow of the blues".

Have a nice day and hope it doesn't rain...

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Remember the days of the old school yard?

woke up after Bryan's party. Internet. Ate. Internet. Go to gym at 6. Internet afterwards. Do you notice a pattern forming here?

i despise Internet but still look at us, we are all depending on it. you are, because you're reading my worthless piece of shit :)). we waste days and days of your lives looking into a screen that gives you some information ( an occasional physical excitement for our 2 girls one cup - loving flatmates ) and nothing more. Do you remember when we were kids and friends were friends? not myspace fags that have 20000 friends. what the fuck is that. you are so ugly you will never be acquainted to that many people in your lifetime. or perhaps... if you are a hooker, maybe you'd me more popular ( i hope i didn't give you too many ideas. don't think too much or your fuzzy little head will blow to bits ).

do you remember how it felt to have friends that at the drop of a button would come down in the dead of the night to give youa lighter or soe stupid shit like that? don't live a digital life. what will become of you after you die because your stupid and you jailwalked while there was a big big big big red truck coming towards you at a reasonably high speed as to spred you like marmelade? a Facebook account? reall classy :)

take your time and remember how the good old times uesd to be, before the Internet became the world's diary... or ashtray.

Friday, 25 January 2008

On self-important people

I'm cranky when i'm hung over. I've been cranky all week as a result. today, while we were nicking a cart from Lidl i was also paying attention to people around. that straight face, that stupid fucking stare, that air of self-importance that makes you want to shove the cart in their backs so that they fall on their self-important face. Everybody looks at you on the street like you're a nothing. people.. you have issues!

you hide behind your fancy mobile phones and cheap imitations to try and escape the stress of a 9 to 5 job that requires you to be nothing more than wheels in a bigger monarchic ( actually quite socialist if you ask me ) machine.

Also notice the niggers wearing those useless bluetooth head sets. well, since you can talk on the phone and have both hands free, how about you come over here and fondle my balls, will'ya? i do have to agree on the fact that you're as good as people think you are but... it's not like that. you ended up being beaten to a pole by the media, and being told that if you don't like this and that yo're a lesser mortal. they spoon-fed you brainless lot this bollocks and you cunts and fagots ate it up.

another bothering thing is the primark girls. you go get your shit for 5 quid and then show it off as if you were a diva. just like your ball - fondling friends mentioned beforehand, after you get all dressed up to go to a pub and show off your goods, you drink 3 pints and get smashed. what the fuck find of a life is that???

the youth is just brutalized these days. it is the proper equivalent of propaganda. if you want to be hip you must have a pair of shoes that fuckin' blow up at the press of a button. give me a break... is that going to change your pitiful little life in any way? you'll be the same worthless cunt, same emo kid or the same wanna be gangsta you were before you bought them. be a lot of brainless sheeps. the unthinking majority.

do all of these and wake up in the morning realizing you crucified personal creativeness.

Student Mornings

Last night we happened to go to a concert. Randomly, unscheduled and totally dull concert. Band was alright. lead singer ( chick ) had no manner of tits whatsoever or voice for the same matter. Can - opener - face... It finally ended around 12 so we went drinking. can't really piece together the drinking session but my morning confirmed that we had one.
My room was quite the same as last night with minor exceptions. i forgot the window opened and it blew all the ash from the ashtray everywhere. empty cans and bottles lying about on the hallway, telling us there's cleaning to be done. the one extinguisher that still had water last night was empty and bent in the hallway. don't even want to know how that happened. two people i don't recall meeting were sleeping on the cold kitchen tiles. i let them sleep their hangover away in piece. for a moment still, my mind raced with stupid ideas of what we should do to them. by that time, one of my mates was already up and staring at the anarchy in the kitchen and the two semi-dead bodies.
i was looking on the internet yesterday and found a badge that said : "enjoy it now, after college is called being an alcoholic". that was all i could think of at the time. i washed my face and combed my hair and stumbled down the stairs for a cigarette. parties were held everywhere last night, therefor the only other person was a hung over 3rd year student dragging his laundry to the laundrette. "this is student living" my mate said behind me, lighting one as well.
All i could think about was Bryan's goodbye party later in the evening today. i sort of see history repeating itself.

Student living my friends, student living.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

On America

It is a known fact that America is going down the drain. Today's yahoo news just confirmed the facts through a so-called "preventive news story" regarding the best jobs in case the "R" word comes along ( Recession that is ). The fuckin "R" word???

That's just chatting bollocks, i'll give you that much. First there was the "N" word ( Nigger - apparently a racial offence. If you stop telling him he's a nigger will he fucking turn white?), then there was my favourite, the "B" word ( the b word has been used by our fellow Americans in the WWII to destroy, degrade and degenerate Japan, used also in plenty of other oil - driven wars and now, it's the "B" word just because some inventive taliban mates of theirs bombed the fuck out of two buildings that were too high anyway) and now the "R" word. The "R" word comes quite natural if you ask any sane person, except of course the McFucks from the "greatest nation in the world", after the "W" word that is going on right about now in the middle east for the "O" word that America is so keen on using with their newly built 8.1 litre engine. Mind if i ask what the "F" word are you suppose to do with a car that's got an 18 - wheeler engine?