Friday, 25 January 2008

On self-important people

I'm cranky when i'm hung over. I've been cranky all week as a result. today, while we were nicking a cart from Lidl i was also paying attention to people around. that straight face, that stupid fucking stare, that air of self-importance that makes you want to shove the cart in their backs so that they fall on their self-important face. Everybody looks at you on the street like you're a nothing. people.. you have issues!

you hide behind your fancy mobile phones and cheap imitations to try and escape the stress of a 9 to 5 job that requires you to be nothing more than wheels in a bigger monarchic ( actually quite socialist if you ask me ) machine.

Also notice the niggers wearing those useless bluetooth head sets. well, since you can talk on the phone and have both hands free, how about you come over here and fondle my balls, will'ya? i do have to agree on the fact that you're as good as people think you are but... it's not like that. you ended up being beaten to a pole by the media, and being told that if you don't like this and that yo're a lesser mortal. they spoon-fed you brainless lot this bollocks and you cunts and fagots ate it up.

another bothering thing is the primark girls. you go get your shit for 5 quid and then show it off as if you were a diva. just like your ball - fondling friends mentioned beforehand, after you get all dressed up to go to a pub and show off your goods, you drink 3 pints and get smashed. what the fuck find of a life is that???

the youth is just brutalized these days. it is the proper equivalent of propaganda. if you want to be hip you must have a pair of shoes that fuckin' blow up at the press of a button. give me a break... is that going to change your pitiful little life in any way? you'll be the same worthless cunt, same emo kid or the same wanna be gangsta you were before you bought them. be a lot of brainless sheeps. the unthinking majority.

do all of these and wake up in the morning realizing you crucified personal creativeness.