Saturday, 26 January 2008

Remember the days of the old school yard?

woke up after Bryan's party. Internet. Ate. Internet. Go to gym at 6. Internet afterwards. Do you notice a pattern forming here?

i despise Internet but still look at us, we are all depending on it. you are, because you're reading my worthless piece of shit :)). we waste days and days of your lives looking into a screen that gives you some information ( an occasional physical excitement for our 2 girls one cup - loving flatmates ) and nothing more. Do you remember when we were kids and friends were friends? not myspace fags that have 20000 friends. what the fuck is that. you are so ugly you will never be acquainted to that many people in your lifetime. or perhaps... if you are a hooker, maybe you'd me more popular ( i hope i didn't give you too many ideas. don't think too much or your fuzzy little head will blow to bits ).

do you remember how it felt to have friends that at the drop of a button would come down in the dead of the night to give youa lighter or soe stupid shit like that? don't live a digital life. what will become of you after you die because your stupid and you jailwalked while there was a big big big big red truck coming towards you at a reasonably high speed as to spred you like marmelade? a Facebook account? reall classy :)

take your time and remember how the good old times uesd to be, before the Internet became the world's diary... or ashtray.