Thursday, 31 January 2008


Perhaps one of the most interesting things i did these days was to go to some galleries in London. As assignment i was to observe and review two galleries of my choice and publish the results. My first impulse was to see Louise Bourgeois but her exhibition had been over with for a little while so instead i saw Munoz at the Tate Modern as well as Photographic Portrait Prize 2007 at the National Portrait Gallery. Interesting enough i noticed something peculiar about the people watching the works of art. Without realizing, people would try to imitate the work of art while admiring or analyzing it. It seemed to be more obvious in Tate, Munoz's exhibition having been based on sculpture. since sculpture is 3D, and one can observe and analyze it from various angles, the feeling one gets from admiring it turns into a body posture that more often than not is a replica at a random scale of the artwork. The Portrait Gallery, even if as interesting as ever, failed to carve such deep reactions on the viewer. None the less, the observation gave me quite a lot of thoughts as to whether 3D art (i.e. sculpture, various installations) affects the artistic side of a person faster, or perhaps more intense than 2D works of art (i.e. painting, photography, etc) and if so... is photography a part of the lesser impressive ones?