Monday, 4 February 2008

On the greatest democracy in the world.

Yes.. we gave americans a some rope, a lot of rope... and they hung all of us with it.

I was just checking my mail when this news popped up. i scanned the thext but to my surprise.. i was not surprised. Somehow this event has happened so may times in a row in america that it is not surprising, it's fucking statistics and that's that. Only in america can a 15-year old prick who lived in a playstation all his pitiful life can get the idea that it's ok to shoot your family. Please remind me why was the death penalty excluded? These kind of kids should be put to sleep... with AIDS. Why? Why not? Only in america people dress like clowns, kidnap and rape children then either bury them or cook hem. Strange? I would be inclined to believe so. So why is anybody surprised that every now and again when a gun is found, somebody has to be shot, and by somebody i am likely to be right by considering at least one dozen people. It's a full clip what the fuck... and meanwhile, there's elections. Please somebody, ask the candidates what would they do regarding the mentally retarded boy and how would they feel. they fuck the country up, they should know how to un-fuck it back...