Sunday, 10 February 2008

On songs

"you're out of sight but always on my mind..." and so on and so forth. Have had a full night yesterday, or better yet today. The actions were of little consequence mainly but the fact that i had my mp3 player tipped the scale a good deal. Somehow Whitesnake, Disturbed, Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams changed and played with my moods as they pleased.
"this time everything is all right, this time everything is easy" and so it seems it would be for a couple of minutes. Do you remember us in the living room watching the Whitesnake concert? Do you remember singing Bon Jovi - All about loving you? Do you guys remember playing Summer of 69 on the way to the sea side or 99 in the shade in the forests? Do you remember Metallica - I dissapear while snowboarding down slopes? It was there, they were there as were we. Times change, people change, burn the bridges but don't forget the songs. the sort of remind you of somethings that used to be, or push you towards something you want to be. Remember the good old days when songs meant something..."This is how you remind me" - Nickleback.