Sunday, 27 January 2008

A deeper, more introspective view on...Sunday

As a dull Sunday morning announces itself at the doorstep, the people in the flat feel like whipping their willies out and taking a piss on the day. Surprised? it's not rain babes, it's us :)

Hemingway and Twain kept me up until 6 o'clock, nothing new under the sun since Seb's stalker did in the previous night. Surprised? so am i :)

With Whitesnake in my head, a cigarette and a sip of whiskey i welcome one of the shittiest days of the week. no party, no money, on mood. my laziness has spoke it's last words as i convince myself to get the fuck out of bed. 300? Leonidas can take his Moleskine out and take notes regarding my fearsome fight with a cruel and tempting laziness.

A deeper view of Sunday finds me broke, lazy and in the mood to skull-fuck anybody who dares interrupt me from doing nothing. Change of song: "Whitesnake - Walking in the shadow of the blues".

Have a nice day and hope it doesn't rain...