Thursday, 24 January 2008

On America

It is a known fact that America is going down the drain. Today's yahoo news just confirmed the facts through a so-called "preventive news story" regarding the best jobs in case the "R" word comes along ( Recession that is ). The fuckin "R" word???

That's just chatting bollocks, i'll give you that much. First there was the "N" word ( Nigger - apparently a racial offence. If you stop telling him he's a nigger will he fucking turn white?), then there was my favourite, the "B" word ( the b word has been used by our fellow Americans in the WWII to destroy, degrade and degenerate Japan, used also in plenty of other oil - driven wars and now, it's the "B" word just because some inventive taliban mates of theirs bombed the fuck out of two buildings that were too high anyway) and now the "R" word. The "R" word comes quite natural if you ask any sane person, except of course the McFucks from the "greatest nation in the world", after the "W" word that is going on right about now in the middle east for the "O" word that America is so keen on using with their newly built 8.1 litre engine. Mind if i ask what the "F" word are you suppose to do with a car that's got an 18 - wheeler engine?