Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Continuing my Camera Obscura saga

I'm well aware that i haven't been writing too much in the blog these last weeks. Home and Paris took up most of my time. Apparently, it's been scientifically proven that real life is far more exciting than cyberspace. I tried it and it's true. How surprising. Regardless, i'll be putting up pictures of the holiday as we go along. First off, here are two of the camera obscura tests i did with the Canon (Wista images are still being processed and by the shit that exists right now with the deadlines, doesn't seem likely i'll finish them too soon) of two rooms. One is a mate of mine, Matei, who lives just off the old Radio building in Bucharest, in an interesting building.

I always wondered what happened if i were to have a tree in the way. Now i know. Looks interesting but i still can't decide on Black and White or Color.

The second one, that, until this point, is my favorite camera of all, is of my friend Irina's flat. I have been a constant pain in the neck, going over at hers at 8 a.m. and starting to duck tape the windows shut. Gotta admit she believed in my insanity and well things went according to plan.

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The picture came out great and, if i'll ever publish a book or have an exhibition with them (i most likely will so let's not be so pessimistic about it) her room would be the cover. It's simple, beautiful and we both agreed it looks like a drive in cinema.

PS: there is no color management done yet, so i'm sorry if they look a tad dodgy. Working on that. But now i'd rather work on my essay. Well i'd rather not but it's not like i have an alternative.