Thursday, 27 November 2008

Camera Obscura 2

And yes, the pleasure of exploring photographic medium has extended into the comfort of other people. Or more likely into the disturbance (not sure if it's an actual word but after 3 hours of sleep it looks like a word. if you don't like it go fuck yourself) of other people's personal...feelings. My first victim was my friend Denisa, who's room was transformed into a camera obscura as part of my project

It was wonderful. Not messy and full of duck tape like mine, but mornings without sun really messed her up. I take this opportunity to apologise to Denisa for wrecking her day and inducing a state of hibernation through lack of light.

And i need six more rooms. i am coming for YOU. Yeah you. Don't look behind and check if there's anyone. I will fill your windows with duck tape and use you for my project. Now go into a corner and shake like a chiuaua.