Monday, 24 November 2008

Africa 23 Days

And so it begins. The final pain of work has been put aside, at least for now. The 2300 words essay on voyeurism has been drafted and sent to the tutors, which leaves me now with only a few items on my check list. one of the most interesting but also boring things i have done, as a test of patience and because of sheer boredom, was text the whole essay on my phone, which by the way is some sort of Sony Ericsson, not the all new Iphone, which took approximatively 2 hours and a grand todal of 13,562 pushes of the buttons (mistakes weren't counted). That, my friends, is the effect of lack of alcohol, an overactive imagination and probably a new world record.

It's clear sailing all the way from here to January i suppose. Shooting Wednesday, Nan Goldin tutorial Thrusday, research and shootings next week... Come to think about it maybe not so clear. Maybe slightly foggy.

At this point in time i am concentrating all my energy, appart from the one required to read Vice, towards constructing camera obscuras in friend's rooms and intruding in their lives and making them hell for one or two days with the Horseman. Cute plan, useful.

In other news, studies have showed that the rate of sanity in our family has decreased drastically since the aqusition, almost 10 years ago, of the first off road pseudotruck. Which leads us, years, competitions and broken body-parts later to this very day where we are faced with time.

Time until the departing for Africa in the Defender 110 in a small expedition convoy. Fun it should be. Yes and no. My room is about to be quite filled up with anything from Landy magazines (of which the December 2008 issue of Land Rover Monthly presents the winning Open Class team of Transilvania Adventure Trophy 2008, which includes me in the Defender 90 - Mercedes G320 - without - left - front - side combination)to sand boards and prop shafts. More to come as we unveil this wonderful expedition. Publication of the events taking place there will be available in the form of articles in Land Rover Monthly, a number of romanian newspapers, some british ones, this forum and probably National Geographic Traveller as well. Subject to availabillity and terms of the contract :))

That should be about it for the day, nothing more to write, at least now. Will get back to you with details as we watch and participate at the unfolding of the events.