Thursday, 12 March 2009

The Social Contract

We've learned an important lesson today: go with your instinct.

Trying to do what you want, you get put down by your tutors. Trying to do what your tutors want, you get put down by your tutors. But they appreciate the "trying to do what you want" in the "trying to do what they want" now.

How madningly unhelpful and confusing is that?

Critics, especially art critics, at least half of the time aren't sure if they like something or they just ... don't know. The other half, they're sure they don't. But unless it's followed by compulsive niceness and doses of Valium, almost always will make the artist fell bad about him/herself.

And makes them try harder. That's what they should do right? No other use in existing.

Here's a few more shots with the M6 for this last project.