Friday, 20 March 2009

Nelda's Test

I took a stupid little test i found on my girlfriend's blog. This is kind of something a good friend of mine would tell me.

"You're a Prick

73% Extraversion, 97% Intuition, 87% Thinking, 87% Judging

People love to hate you, because you love to argue. The strange thing is you probably took that as a compliment. Why, I bet you've already got a witty comeback all lined up ready to throw right back at me.

What you don't realise is that your inane obsession with debating pisses everyone off. Whatever happened to us all trying to get along? Some people are as shallow or stupid as you might think and trying to know them is the key to being better.

Believe it or not, but there's more to life than your expansive knowledge and sharp repertoire. Get out of your steel tower and be a part of the world. Listen to the birds singing and the children playing and don't be so cold and distant all the time.

While you're up in Nevernever land, getting excited over future possibilities and your crazy theories, WE have to put up with trying to talk to someone who's constantly locked up away in their own sick head, who refuses to accept reality with it's good and bad

Your personality is ideal for that of a future artist, as you are already slightly autistic, unreasonably rude to everyone and have proven on several occasion your superiority towards the human race. Dali perhaps?"

How cool is that? 50 questions and some shitty little internet program got me all figured out :)