Thursday, 12 February 2009


I went again, yesterday, to the sea side to work on my project. I arrived in Broadstairs quite earlyish and started to shoot. Thanks for the flash (he knows who i'm talking about) and the borrwoed music (she knows as well). It was an odd day, alternating rain and sun sustained the feeling.

Odd thing. Click on the first two images and you'll see they're a lot lighter. Strange.

With the high cliffs on one side, filled with caves and openings, and the sea on the other, as well as no traces of human beings (which i can't say i mind), i spent the day doing about 35-40 kilometers, walking between towns on the beach - mostly for myself. But for the project as well, fuck it. It felt like the island Robinson Crusoe would have been marooned on. Just a whole lot bigger.