Monday, 23 February 2009


Monday has never been my strongest point really. I just made it out of bed around 12 o'clock (because i was watching stupid horror movies until 5) driven by hunger. Let's cook. What? Mashed potatoes. With?


Cheese is like, the ultimate food. There are more types of cheese in the world than types of languages. Fact. Cheese is good with anything. Fact. Cheese keeps you happy. Fact.

I have a strong conviction that if people would eat more cheese, there would be less wars in the world - simple explanation to it too. The people who control the cheese thus control the world. And thus the world would be again controlled by the natural state of things - the people who own the food own the world. Right now the people who own the guns own the world. But usually the people who have big guns compensate for something (thus the blushing when they're naked). Guns are like purses. But will explain that later.

Going now to eat cheese.