Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Location Lighting Workshop

i have to admit that any school day that starts with: "Did i ever tell you the story about me, Naomi Campbell and the cupboard?" can not be anything but a good one. As today proved. The story in question did include my teacher, Naomi Campbell, a cupboard, hot coffee and a brush. Let your minds wonder people. So we went on location to shoot and get used to the idea of artificial light. Which frankly some of us really needed. Myself included, as far as complex lighting is concerned. The basic 2 - 3 lights i can handle but metering over that is a bit of a head fuck.

as always, why would i pay attention to what everybody was talking about, when i could step back and photograph what everyobody was doing? So basically i was of no actual use, save for the fact that my Metz with the Pocket Wizard kept going off and i was nowhere to be seen. Just left it there in the hope that somebody would sit in the right position and fall into my photographic trap. No actually, i was just trigger happy today. Here are some tests - as well as some final ideas we got out of today.

1) Herebe the results from the 1Ds Mark 2:

As well as from the 4x5 Wista, with experimental black and white film from China. Cheap and effective:

And these are the making of images.