Thursday, 2 October 2008

Camera Obscura (or "Reasons to rearrange the furniture in your room")

As far as addictions go, for some of us photography just seems to top everything. Last few days have been very very dull. No parties, no drinking session, no girlfriends, no uni classes. Therefore it has come to my attention, as i was lying in bed like a vegetable that i am, that i still am in the possession of a fairly big amount of black cardboard and duck tape. Several hours later, the once peaceful and boring backyard view has been covered up with cardboard and tape, leaving only a small hole, the exact size of a 5p coin. The effect was spectacular (at least for me). I ave never actually thought that I'd finally build one.
The fun followed shortly. My ideas to photograph the room with the projection turned into an organizing hell when i noticed it's getting dark. After some thinking i decided: "Long exposures should do the trick!!!"
Like any other brilliant plan it failed miserably. But in a special kind of way that makes you wish you were stupid so at least had an excuse. I have decided: "we'll do this properly!"
I set the alarm on my phone one hour ahead, closed all doors and windows and sat on a chair next to the Canon 5D set on ISO 400, F4.0 on 24 mm. Result? a Completely obliterated image, mutilated by the huge noise you get in this kind of exposure. Furthermore, staying into a room in pitch black is not any one's cup of tea but i seemed to have rather enjoyed it. It made my room look bigger and confused all my senses. Like drugs. Only it's free :)).
Step two: (also known as the stubborn jackass phase): i knew very well that the image was crap but still, i loaded a 400 colour Fuji in the Hasselblad, put the 35 mm on and shot away one frame at an average time of two hours and 20 minutes. Results are due in a few days.
As far as reason goes, my room is alot more interesting now, I'll give you that much. The sun rises directly from my desk and sets somewhere in the trash bin (the trash bin was carefully positioned :)) ). Will expand the camera obscura and will write about it more. until then, this is my room.