Tuesday, 7 October 2008


Went to the docks today, with the H1D to fool around, and caught some good images as well. Just so we are all clear, the camera is near impossible to shoot without tripod, mirror movement destroying every possible aspect of sharpness there is. I presume that it is not meant for press, just like the Horseman. No problem there. I can convince it to work for street photography if i have to.

Another downside of it is the ISO. ISO 100 is about as much as you can go, noise wise. ISO 200 is quite noisy and ISO 400 is a complete and utter disaster. I will post pictures of ISO 200 and 400 tests done with it but don't hope for much. Just as the H2D i tried last week, noise is a huge huge problem.

Another one that keeps bugging me is the display at the back. I saw the adverts before using it and showed a display that would make my 1Ds Mark 2 blush. Sadly enough, in real life, the quality of the display at the back of the 20000 quid camera is roughly the same as the one on my 20 quid Nokia 6170. And that is being nice. Still, if used in it's own environment it performs marvelous, being without doubt one of the best digital cameras there are. Studio work exclusively!