Friday, 17 October 2008


Now then, it seems the world has been quite made redundant by the on-going recession. It's been affecting the economy long enough to fuck things and to make me interested enough to write about it.

It's a normal and logical follow-up to the 9.11 event which carefully led the greatest nation of cunts in the world (commonly known as Americanus Imbecilis) into a spiraling paranoia regarding terrorism. Why would America have 12-13 trilion dollars in debt? It's a simple answer to this simple question... Let's try to do simple maths:

1 tank driven for 1 mile ... in Afghanistan ... costs USD 1000.
few hundred thousand tanks driven for few hundred thousand miles ... same location cost... few thousand of thousands of dollars
few hundred thousand soldiers for one day ... same location ... ammunition ... costs the rest of the money.

Furthermore, it seems that the country's shit idea of spending and spending and buying new phones and new everything, faster cars, bigger engines, more luxury, has managed the wonderful act of putting them in debt up to their neck, and even deeper in shit.

Unfortunately, all countries who thought America isn't such a bad country are floating around in the same shit, holding hands ans singing "Kumbaya". England, France, Germany, Slovakia, Latvia, Romania...etc. We all supported the country that spawned Metallica, cocaine and and slavery, but with this last action they fucked up. After ranting quite alot i will now leave you with this question:

"Why do you think Russia, China, Japan or India are not affected by the recession?"