Thursday, 18 September 2008


So it seems we have returned to civilization. Internet connections, chemicals, the whole nine yards. So i promised i will write more often but time has not really been on my side. My apologies for that. In other, better news, we have, again changed headquarters to the place where cheese and Charles Dickens come from, Rochester. Lovely little town on the banks of the Medway river, with a big castle and a sunken submarine in the marina. Not much has been going on these days, save for the fact that i got the new Hasselblad H1D, and have been shooting roll after roll of film. Note to self, post some pictures as well. It's been fun, for those who wanted to know how i've been.
I am presently in discussions with Rochester Council to try and get funding and exhibition space for my "Silent Witness" project, which will escalate into an full - blown photo exhibition on a social theme, due in 8 weeks. Fun and all. G'day people.