Sunday, 13 December 2009

The home we missed

As time passes, i enjoy coming back home more and more. Coming home is something that brings me back from the slightly annoying scheduled life i have in the UK. As Mr. Pocock put it "Hey, i'm allowed to complain about this country because i am British". True, true, so very true. But still, bit of complaining is mandatory.

We're back home, with the large format camera, the Canon, the beyond brilliant Ilford HP5 large format slide films and with a lot of ideas. This'll be epic, i guess.

To begin with, Lavinia, Ramses and myself took up the challenge to participate in a humanitarian off road event. We thought that we'd sign up for the standard class race but when we got there, we reconsidered. I really wanted to run around and take pictures and Lavinia was walking Ramses all the time. Apart from that, the track wasn't that appealing so we decided we're just going to run around, stare at trucks, write an article and, when we get too cold, pack our stuff and head for shelter. Which we did. All in all it was a good day out, even though it kinda puts British cold weather into perspective...

WE are waiting for the next weekend really. If all works out right, we should help out with the Christmas Humanitarian Action organized by Ionut Macri in the area where the Transilvania Adventure Trophy takes place every year. It should be, as i picture it now, a lovely mix of soft off road, perfect scenery and excellent company. For now, here's what happened today: