Thursday, 10 December 2009

6 AM rants

image courtesy of... well Google because that's where i found it.

I couldn't sleep so i started checking my mail and facebook. In my FB inbox, there is a mail from someone i know saying "check this guy's website. his images are legendary". What's on there? HDRs and nudes. and HDR nudes sometimes. No, people. Pretty colors do not make a pretty picture. Deal with it.

HDRs are a photographer's way of being a fucking child and stopping himself from evolving. How come? That's easy - people like them, thus you'll think you're good and don't need to do any better. Well your images are probably shit and when you think you need not work harder, guess what? There's a big chance that's exactly the moment you should...

Hint: if you want to have perfect exposure why not ... mm ... try harder? Use lighting or maybe, just maybe, shoot film. Less stops of light means you have a bigger chance of being incredibly inaccurate exposure wise and still getting some "amazing images".

This blog post had no other use than to complain about HDRs. Just like nudes, more often then not, they are shit. There's not a fine line between good HDRs and bad HDRs. There's a goddamn wall of China, with armed guards every 20 meters. You can't miss it.