Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Finally, stuff

The day has come when i put some creative stuff on here as well. Do refrain from publicly observing the fact that the pictures are overexposed and crooked. I have a fever, feel like i just swallowed a fistful of glass and my nose is running like the Amazon river. The images are for information purposes alone. This is the first series of prints made directly on canvas - closest to how the final work will look like. Maybe soon i'll have the energy to put better pictures on here, but for now (at a few people's request) here's the in-progress development

Apart from that, i also had the fortune of stumbling over a first edition "L'art Renaissance", printed 1945. A bit worn out at the edges, but otherwise in good condition. Will be given as a gift - but beforehand i took the liberty to try and read it (with some difficulties, considering that my French is ... well... fairly rusty)

Last but not least, this is my last night here. I shall see most of you in January. Best of luck (people working on their research papers will need it)