Monday, 15 June 2009

The trains of David Lynch

This weekend we went to Deva to do some tracks for the race. It was a great weekend where i can honestly say i learned a lot of stuff starting with accurate roadbooks to changing the sensor on the trip master and driving a car without any transmission whatsoever.

Coming on the train, i didn't get a sleeping coach so almost nine hours, the trip from Deva to Bucharest with a huge frigging delay i had an upright seat. Who in their right mind would do that? Well, i shared the compartment with two truck drivers, a fat lady with a twisted ankle - the know-it-all kind of person - a confused girl that first lost her ticket then her glasses then her water bottle then her...whatever and ... surprise surprise... an eighty year old guy who was an ex Security (Ro. KGB) operative. So pretty much a useless waste of space.

Around three nobody could sleep - you'd need heavy horse tranquilizers to sleep there, really. The truck driver and me started talking about religion, Hegel and Kant - which was beyond the expected intellectual peak of the trip. Anyways, the train control people were selling beer and vodka and gypsies were drumming in the window pains in the background of us debating, later on the existence of God and the fact that i think if he exists, he does a lousy job. Odd, very very odd trip.