Tuesday, 2 June 2009

New summer rain

Summer time home is always great. Rained today and the block of flats i have called home all my life greeted me casually. Every time it rains, the stairwell gets a funny damp smell, like wet chalk on the blackboard*. Always seemed to bring me back to the days when we took shelter from the rain in the block and then went out to play with fresh mud - to our parents' eternal despair. I found some pictures from those days - my sister, mom, dad and me. The ages from 1 to about 7-8. Feels nice to look back on them and appreciate that my dad was so good in the darkroom :)

*ladies and gentlemen, that is the correct term: "BLACKboard". It's not racist, the board is actually black. Not writing board, not whiteboard or any other one. They made those words up.