Friday, 2 April 2010

My grandfather is cooler than my dad

My grandad kept telling me he has this enlarger he wants me to see. He said he was using it about 40 years back, when my mom was little. So today i finally got down to it and we played around. Unknown lens with no inscription except some rough aperture sizes. It's using a simple lamp bulb for the whole thing and it's bot two knobs with the numbers 1 and 3 on them. Even with an instruction manual, using this baby would be hit and miss to say the least. He is very old and hasn't used it for more than 15 years so he forgot what the knobs did but it was all so fascinating. So i take it and i start towards the door. And then i turned around and asked:

"So, do you remember what brand is it? Maybe i can find spares for it somewhere?"

He looked at me and went:

"Brand? What brand? I built the thing myself when i was young. This is how it was back then. If you wanted something you had to do it yourself."

Well, i couldn't really say anything to that except think to myself "Fuck. My ego went to shit". Now looking forward to trying it out with some 35mm negs and see what this puupy can do - in your face DeVere!