Wednesday, 17 March 2010

When we were beautiful

When i left for the UK, i took a box of film that has been lying around from before i was born. I figured that nobody really cares about it so i might just take it and scan it when i can. It took me three years to get around to doing that. It's dozens of films, beginning with my mother's high school graduation up to some shots of us around 8-12 years old.

Some are brilliant, some i knew and some are very random. There's a whole bunch of unknown people, a funeral, a wedding, a sheep, people i know, cars and teenagers who are probably my mum's age. Anyway, since i'm not going to be writing too much on account of me literally living in the darkroom, this week i'll keep posting images i've scanned from those negs. If they don't say anything about the people, don't worry. It just means i don't know either...

So without further delay (but to my surprise), here's scans from a SLIDE film that my dad shot of us in the park and at Christmas (i suspect)