Sunday, 7 March 2010


Denisa's reaction to the photograph was priceless: "God! You look almost human!"

Our friend's little girl was baptized and we were the Godparents. Sadly and much as always, i was late but i caught up the thing just when it was getting interesting. Churches and me were never really close but this particular ceremony was delightful. And i am not saying it just because i know the parents. I genuinely enjoyed being there.

©some random Nikon guy

And here's some of mine (There were 4-5 guys with Nikon D3x or D3s of whichever they are, who were showing off their kit throughout the ceremony. But when i started putting the Wista together for the final shots, they suddenly dropped their kits and were hovering around the tripod asking about everything. That made me smile a little...):

the crop is a bit off because after framing and checking exposure and stuff i had the uninspired idea to move around and kicked the tripod. Hence, less people in the picture ...

of course, with the adequate light leaks and problems.