Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Fashion Shoots and Complaints

Right. We're in between two shoots, slightly worn out, both inside and outside, feeling like my shoes. Cracked around the edges but still functional. I just finished a shoot for Gemma, which was one of the organized fashion people. Her ideas were ok, very well prepared and nice to work with. Like most fashion students, there has been a lot of reflective golden stuff on the clothes, which apparently is "in" these days. Just quoting a living classic "people seem to like clothes they can see themselves in, much like mirrors". I found that to be quite true as well, surprisingly enough.

On a similar note, yesterday i had quite a fun shoot with a couple of third years for their fashion magazine thing. The final images were for the front cover, rear cover and a few shots for one theme inside. If i'm not mistaking, my cabaret shooting a while back is part of the same magazine as well. Anyway, here's one of the images from the theme. I decided i wasn't going to put too many just yet. Because i am lazy and can't be asked to do so.

In the complaints and grievances department, i am still unbelievably annoyed at how the internet in the university works. I would have thought that two months would be plenty of time for anyone to fix it. I was apparently wrong. Also in that department, i have discovered a new thing that annoys me. People who take the elevator to the first floor. I gave it a lot of though and i guess that everyone from fashion, with big bags and such has so many books, their tiny arms could rip from the shoulders and fall to the ground on that long, winding staircase. Not to mention the fear of heights, when you look between the railing. Or the health and safety issues of actually falling on the stairs with all that paper, braking and subsequently swallowing a tooth. Oh yes, i forgot. If it's coming out ironic and condescending, you're probably getting the point.