Friday, 9 October 2009

Books and failures

I started researching. Unbelievable. My room is indeed full of stuff - books, lenses, boxes and camera drawings. I am currently trying to design my own camera for this last project and no - it's not coming out right. I feel a bit like Daguerre. I still don't understand my excitement with using the most rudimentary tools instead of the normal things.

Still, my camera will be built in a very very little while and then it will be an interesting piece of kit.

Until then i researched a guy, Duchenne de Boulogne. He pioneered expressions in phoography, using electricity to stimulate individual muscles. His pictures are quite interesting and his research is odd to say the least. But his peculiar half-half portraits are worth a bit of attention.

For a good essay on him, look up "Ghost in the Shell" by Sobieszek.His book traces portrait photography over a period of 150 years, with three good essays on Duchenne, Warhol and Sherman as styles of photographing and repetitive patterns. Worth having a look.

On a similar note, i will put the Hasselblad Workshop images soon, but unforseen circumstances delayed the posting. Come Saturday will probably put them up!