Tuesday, 21 April 2009

The Night

I've come back, as always, with a thirst for the city. A thirst for intelligence and open minds that Britain repeatedly fails to provide. Not sure exactly why people are so narrow minded on that island but somehow being on this side of the puddle clearly pushes me forward in some respects.

Although sometimes the circus of post communism becomes embarrassingly formal and useless, the place has got far more potential than other places. Easter evening was nice, the whole time the girlfriend was here was nice, driving the Defender in the country was nice, and the new and unexpected are always excellent.Like the business proposal i got offered which i will probably not blog about because it's far too interesting.

Last night i was walking through the city. Brilliant night, not too cold, not too warm, just great for walking. I went someplace i haven'[t been in a long long while. And it was brilliant. The city calls to you, needs you to walk the streets and find yourself every now and again. Can't find myself in London. Too many people have, and it's become a boring clichee. Like romantic trips to Paris. Or romantic trips in general.

Bottom line there's no point in the post, just to show what Easter felt like through the image and ... well announce that i'm not yet dead, unfortunately for some