Sunday, 26 April 2009


The days went by and it's time to go once again. Few days back i went with a couple of mates to what will be my final second year project. I could have photographed my feet and passed. They need the money and they'll pass anyone regardless of how useless they are. But hey, if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right.

We drove, for almost three hours i might add - in fairly off road conditions which Luiza didn't seem very fond of, to get to an abandoned monastery. Chiajna.

The building began in 1774 and was finished somewhere between 1786 and 1890. It was never "baptized" and thus it's believed to be cursed. Built in a neoclasic way, the arches stand a testament of the craftsmanship of people in that day. It's a beautiful building, 43 meters long, 18 meters wide and other measurements as well, with 1-2 meter thick walls. In it's time it was one of the most imposing buildings.

We photographed it from every angle and here's some sample shots done by my friend Luiza and myself. The "good" pictures were shot on 5x4 and are currently awaiting processing.

It's believed to house a gallery underneath (probably like any ruin, it must have galleries and a treasure. Pirates of the Carribean got everyone excited about this), which even our late dictator sought out. He brought drills and dug 30 foot deep holes to find the treasure himself. When that failed he decided to demolish the building but something distracted him, like a shiny coin perhaps, and he forgot.

The main tower collapsed during the 1977 earthquake (which reminds me, we had a 5,3 Richter scale earthquake yesterday. How cool is that?)but the building still stands tall. Uninterested and narrow minded politicians will let it, as they will the forts and most of the great monuments we have, be ravaged by time for some passive profit they might gain. Or just lack of interest and respect. Leaving this great place, i remembered that we live in a country where the blind lead the blind. Or the idiots lead bigger idiots in masses. Who have no idea of the beautiful city they live in.