Monday, 25 August 2008


This weekend i participated in a wedding. For those of you who are unfamilliar with the ceremony, it stands as the last legal type of slavery. Even so, the whole event shed new light on how people spend their last day as free men.

The event took place at the Malancrav Mansion (for those of you who have any detour throughout Transylvania, i strongly recommend a visit), with a traditional church ceremony, some strange rites of passage of Saxon heritage, that involved blocking the road with a string, on which rugs were hung and a price was negotiated for safe passage of the convoy and many more.

The kicker was the evening at the mansion, which was properly documented, taking into account the fact that the groom was a photographer as well as half of the guests :)) Perhaps, for those of you with high romantic hopes of meeting a non-alcoholic, non-smoking, non-drug using Prince Charming, there's still hope. For the rest of us, enjoy the ceremonies. It's the last time you'll see them smile benevolently.