Thursday, 13 March 2008

Micro-revolution with Colages

Well well... the time has come to rise against the authority. With the changes made in the recent days (and by changes I mean people getting fired) the student body felt very strongly about bringing the issues of Raymond and tech staff for MAD students out on the table for a little discussion. Sadly enough the decisions to let all the tech staff that holds the Media, Arts and Design section together was taken by the pricks in the financial dept with no consideration whatsoever on the impact that this will have on the students and the quality of learning. Apart from that and perhaps one of the most important aspects of this so-called cut-back is the fact that the Digital Photography and Video Arts course has it's hands behind it's back, finding itself without the resources or manpower to continue a normal course of action in learning. As you have all noticed, the Media Hub is open every now and again these days putting student projects and deadlines at risk. As student representative for the first year I will be attending today's Field Committee meeting to try and get some answers as to why this rash and stupid decision was taken in the middle of the second semester and what will happen to the empty workplaces. Any questions or queries are welcome and if nothing is solved within the deadlines that will hopefully be imposed today, a petition will be in order, as well as various forms of protest, chapter at which I am sure you can be very inventive given a proper occasion.