Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Changing of the guard

Perhaps these days the feeling of being a five-year-old has faded just a little bit. Traveling and living by myself made the five-year-old a little bit more self conscious. Strange, if maybe only for a little while. Third day without any sort of alcohol and just a few smokes to get by. Result? It's not that hard as it may seem, go to a club and buy a pint of sprite.

Strange, by all means. At least as far as my friends are concerned i have a problem :)) Fair enough, but it's only temporary and will be solved in a few weeks. Slovakia will bring me back to normal again, especially having in view that the no smoking in clubs policy doesn't exist there. Sebb will not enjoy this but Adam and me... Lovely. In other news, soon there will be a net quality film that i am working on. Please express your opinions. No being rude or swearing...I will kill you in your sleep. But do be patient because people keep bugging me and telling me that patience is a virtue. Really?