Friday, 26 November 2010

6 Days of Snowboarding

This morning i woke up feeling like I've had a difference of opinions with a freight train. Obviously, due to life experience and extensive knowledge of the world, he was right. Now, six days of boarding left me with a not-so-painful knee bruise but a really really uncomfortable rib bruise. See, the thing is, while one snowboards, one also learns the intricate workings of the human skeleton and it's amazing abilities to stretch and withstand repeated knocks against large immovable objects.

The important lesson i've learned, while attempting to pull a 360 tailgrab (which as you guessed, failed miserably), was that one can somehow elbow himself in the ribs. Due to lack of air time, my 360 turned into ... well ... about 264.7 degrees. This lack of precision combined with the tailgrab (which between you, me and whoever is reading this, made me look absolutely fabulous on a 3300m empty ski slope), meant my board got stuck nose first into the deep snow. Since we, the board and i, had a pretty decent speed, i successfully managed to front flip and somehow land on my hand, whose elbow met my left lower ribs. So, due to this unfortunate event, today i might post pictures on the blog because i don't quite see how i can even tie my own boots, let alone bind and unbind my board.

So, yeah.